If you watched the latest installment of Boxing at the Bay, you’re probably wondering what the hell was up with the names of Rodel Mayol and Denver Cuello.

Most boxing fans know that Thai fighters normally change their names. Usually, they use the names of their gyms, which explains the proliferation of surnames such as Twins Gym and Kokiet Gym and Kratidaeng Gym. Sometimes Thai fighters also use products as their surnames, I know you’ve all heard of a Thai fighter using 3K Battery as his surname. Then sometimes, a benefactor pays the boxer some money for him to use the said benefactor’s name.

It looks like this fad has reached Philippine shores. Two of our best fighters now have Thai names. They are now known as Rodel Mayol Singwangcha and Denver Cuello Singwangcha.

First off, let me just say that I have nothing against foreigners who want to help out our fighters. In fact, I think we should thank them. However, I do not like changing Filipino names in favor of Thai ones. Last Friday, Boy Villanera introduced Cuello as “Denver Cuello ‘The Excitement’ Singwangcha.” It sounded horrible. Again, I have nothing against Filipino fighters trying to make some money on the side but I think changing their names is too much.

Randy Suico fought with “Teiken” on the front of his trunks and “Koizumi” at the back and I had no problem with it whatsoever. He was training a the Teiken Gym and his manager was Joe Koizumi.

I know Mr. Singwangcha is pumping in incredible amounts of money into the Philippine boxing scene and I’ve seen his generosity first hand but I wish he’d demand something more subtle in return.

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