Why Pacquiao will inevitably beat Margacheato

Many Filipino fans were worried about this fight mainly because Freddie Roach labeled it as their worst camp ever. Manny Pacquiao looked sluggish, was getting hit too many times, and was taking too many quick trips while on camp.

But now, as the fight draws near, the fears have subsided. What replaced it is a palpable excitement for what is to come.

Pacquiao as I’ve said in the past, thrives for big matches. He may look average against the Oscar Larioses and the Jorge Solises and the Joshua Clotteys of this world but when the lights are at their brightest and the stage at its grandest, Pacquiao turns into a different animal.

When Pacquiao says he fights to make the people happy, he means it. He may have looked bored fighting Clottey but if you give him a good dance partner, Pacquiao will dance like it’s nobody’s business.

Antonio Margarito is quite simply the biggest opponent Pacquiao has ever faced. Is he the most dangerous? Yes and no. Yes because he may be the strongest puncher Pacquiao has ever faced. No because his aggressive style plays right into Pacquiao’s strengths. This is not the fight most of us wanted but it’s here so let’s just deal with it.

One way to judge these fighters is to look for a similar opponent. Miguel Cotto.

Margarito lost most of the early rounds against Cotto. The Puerto Rican did it with ring movement and aggressiveness. But in the latter rounds (which may have been the time where Margacheato’s plaster started to harden), the Mexican started to dominate, connecting at will to a tired Cotto. The result was a TKO in the 11th round.

Pacquiao on the other hand lost the first round, all thanks to Cotto’s jab, which he inexplicably abandoned right that. But proceeded to floor Cotto twice en route to a 12th round TKO.

What can we learn from these two fights? Simple.

Cotto is a quick started. He won most of the early rounds against Margarito and won the first against Pacquiao. Cotto did the same thing in both fights. He rode on his bike and tried to walk away from further punishment in the latter rounds. Margarito caught Cotto right when he was running out of gas. He was able to mount an attack when Cotto started to tire out. Too bad for him, this will not happen against Pacquiao. He does not get tired and he does not run away.

But the biggest factor in this fight is Pacquiao’s speed. I know everyone and their mothers have talked about this advantage so I won;t bore you with stuff you already know. Let me just say one thing, speed is important because it will throw Margarito off. Remember Ricky Hatton? He was so slow that Pacquiao had enough time to load up on a right and connect before Hatton is able to let go of his punch. If Pacquiao uses his speed to connect first, Margarito will be frustrated and if this happens, he’ll be ripe for the picking.

My forecast? Pacquiao wins via TKO in the tenth round. Robert Garcia will throw in the towel and will proceed to eat humble pie afterwards.

    • fermin
    • November 12th, 2010

    this is the same reason why i have no doubt pac will dominate margarito like the way he did to dela hoya. it’s his quickness that will close the gap between them. pac by tko on later rounds.

  1. thanks for visiting sir fermin. oo nga e. ang chance lang ni margacheato for me is a big punch that will hurt pacquiao. but because of pac’s speed and the lack of Margo’s handspeed, he’ll have a hard time landing

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