Pacquiao, Roach, and the ties that bind

To get myself hyped for the Pacquiao-Margarito fight on Sunday, I watched all of HBO’s 24/7 pieces featuring Pacquiao. Yes, all of them. And yes, I’m a geek.

I started with the ones against Oscar de la Hoya, then Ricky Hatton, then Miguel Cotto. I also watched the first two episodes of the ones featuring Margarito.

I have to say that the ones with Cotto are by far my favorite. It maybe due to the fact that I really like Cotto.

Anyway, what I’ve noticed is that Pacquiao’s past five opponents is that they all had relatively new trainers.

Oscar de la Hoya was trained by Nacho Beristain who was working with him for the first time.
Ricky Haton was trained by Floyd Mayweather, Sr. who was working with him for the second time.
Cotto was trained by Joe Santiago who was promoted to head trainer in Cotto’s last fight.
Clottey was trained by Lenny de Jesus who was working with him for the first time.
Now Margarito is being trained by Robert Garcia who is working with him only for the second time.

In total, Pacquiao’s five most recent opponents had a grand total of 8 fights with the trainers they had at the time of the fight.

Just how many fights have Freddie Roach and Pacquiao had together? 22.

It’s also amazing that the last time Pacquiao had a hard fight was the when he was against a fighter and with a long-time trainer in Juan Manuel Marquez and Beristain.

Roach and Pacquiao are a well-oiled machine and it would take a lot to beat them. They know each other strengths and weaknesses and they have each other’s backs. Pacquiao may me downplaying the antics of Margarito and Rios about Roach’s Parkinson’s Disease but I know it’s playing at the back of his mind. Pacquiao also didn’t seem to mind Mayweather Sr.’s “Joke Coach Roach” statements but he went into the fight against Hatton with fire in his eyes.

I expect to see an intense and fully-focused Manny Pacquiao on Sunday. And when Pacquiao reaches this level, no one can stop him.

    • Bulakenyo
    • November 12th, 2010

    Keep it up, pards.

    Sana makita ang skills mo ng mga sports editors sa print media.

    At makapasok ang mga future sports articles mo sa mga local dailies.

    Kailangan na rin ng new blood. Parang cookie cutter na lang ang ginagawang style ng marami sa mga old timer.

    Minsan error prone pa.

    almost amateurish. (No offense)

  1. hahaha. salamat sir. i’m trying hard to think of more angles nga to present boxing. kahit ako kasi medy nagsasawa na sa mga nababasa ko.

    salamat sa suporta bula! i hope you know that most of the stuff i know in boxing, i got from you and the guys sa tambayan.

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