That has got to be one of the, if not the best, performance of Manny Pacquiao in his entire career. He proved that size only matters when skills levels are at par. But against less skilled opponents, their size advantage will not bother Pacquiao one bit.

My prediction was that Pacquiao was going to get a tenth round TKO win over Margarito with his corner throwing in the towel and here are my reasons. First, I knew that Pacquiao’s speed was going to be the key and it was. The difference was night and day. Second, I thought that Pacquiao did not have enough pop in his punches to knockout a legitimate super welterweight. He can hurt Margarito but I knew he wouldn’t be able to knock him out. I thought that Robert Garcia would be smart enough to throw in the towel once he figures out that Margarito did not have a shot at winning anymore.

I still think the fight should have been stopped after the tenth round but looking back, I should have known that Garcia was going to let Freddie Roach have the joy of claiming that Pacquiao stopped Margarito.

In the Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 series, Garcia said something like “I hope the bring in the best Pacquiao ever and after Margarito beats Pacquiao it won;t be because Manny had a bad training camp, it would be because Margarito had a good trainer” or something to that effect. I found this discomforting because really saw this fight as his claim to fame. He wants to be where Roach is and he saw this fight as the fight that would bring him closer to that goal.

Yes, the trainer is a huge part of a fighter’s success but it should be the fighter who gets most of the accolades. If Margarito won, it would be because Margarito is a good fighter and he had a good trainer but Garcia, I felt, was making it too much about him. Roach never had that same problem. In the 24/7 against Hatton, Roach would just laugh at Mayweather claims and his main rebuttal was that he had the better fighter.

I gained a bit of respect for Margarito for taking that much punishment but I lost a little respect for Garcia for letting his fighter take that much. As Pacquiao said, Margarito may never fight again.

PS: I’m devoting this entire week on the Pacquiao-Margarito fight so keep visiting for more articles on that fight. BTW, I’m also working at a piece for so stay tuned for that.

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