Where the hell are Garcia and Rios?

A lot of trash talking was done on HBO Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 series. I admit, one of the things I looked forward to after Pacquiao dismantled Magrarito would be watching Garcia and his fighter Brandon Rios eat crow.

Rios in particular got me riled up pretty good. This was the guy who said that Pacquiao was scared of Margarito and that Pacquiao would say he injured his hand to get out of the fight. Rios was talking bigger words than Margarito and when it was crow-eating time, he was nowhere to be found.

Garcia skipped the post-fight press conference to accompany Margarito so the hospital (which could have been averted if he had the balls to stop the fight for Margarito). I would really love to hear from Garcia. He was dead sure that Margarito would not only defeat but knock out Pacquiao. Now that the fight’s done, I want to hear what he has to say.

His excuse for not stopping the fight was that because Margarito is a warrior. Well this is entirely stupid because if he wasn’t was warrior, he would have quit after the fourth round. Trainer’s have to protect fighters from themselves sometimes. Roach has displayed this when he pulled the plug on Gerry Penalosa against Juanma Lopez. Penalosa wasn’t really in trouble but he was getting tagged a lot and didn’t appear to have a shot at knocking out Lopez (he was already way behind the scorecards at this point) so Roach told Penalosa to hurt Lopez in the ninth round or else he’ll stop it. Penalosa wasn’t able to do it so Roach stopped the fight. Now Penalosa is a happily retired fighter. If Roach didn’t stop that fight, something bad could have happened to Penalosa but Roach eliminated that possibility.

Now Margarito is in the hospital awaiting the bruising to subside so the doctor’s can operate on his broken orbital bone and he has Pacquiao’s punches and his trainer to blame.

  1. Manny Pacquiao vs Sergio Martinez. This will be gonna a good fight. The official weigth should be in 155 lbs. The weight-in should be done 2 hrs before the fight.

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