Hatton versus de la Hoya? Really? Really really?

Two fighters who were retired by Manny Pacquiao are apparently unretiring. They will pair up against each other and make a fight that nobody, except their immediate families, want to see.

Oscar de la Hoya who lost to Pacquiao by on quitting his stool after the eighth round apparently think he can still fight. During the weekend of the David Haye versus Audley Harrison fought, one of his associates allegedly went to Ricky Hatton and presented him with a contract to fight de la Hoya sometime next year.

Hatton who got knocked the hell out in the second round by a Pacquiao left is apparently considering the offer. He’d have to get a new boxing license because his old one was suspended due to his cocaine-snorting video that found it’s way to the internet.

This fight will be nothing other than two shot fighters trying to get another paycheck. Fighting each other is quite smart because they probably won’t hurt each other because they both know that this is all about the money.

Hatton may be a bit strapped for cash because his hobby isn’t cheap so he may really need this fight.

Boxing does not need shot fighters pairing up, trying to get another fat paycheck before they retire permanently. If Hatton and de la Hoya want to fight again, they should pair up against young, up-and-coming fighters to give the young blood a chance to prove themselves. They should fight the likes of Andre Berto or the winner of Devon Alexander versus Timothy Bradley or the winner of Amir Khan versus Marcos Maidana. they won’t get as much money but at least they could help make sure that the sport which made them rich gets new stars.

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