Joshua Clottey: I am the only one who can stop Pacman

This might be the funniest thing I’ve read this month.

Former IBF welterweight Champion Joshua “The Hitter” Clottey has applauded Manny Pacquiao for winning his bout against Antonio Magarito at the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, United States over the weekend.

Joshua Clottey however believes he is the only one who can bring down the unstoppable WBC Super Welter Weight Champion and WBO Welter Weight Super Champion popularly called the “Pac-Man”, if given a re-match.

Clottey who lost to Pac-man on a unanimous decision in the United States in March this year, in an interview with Asempa FM’s Sports Morning Show on Monday described him as a good fighter and a dangerous boxer, who will beat anybody who comes his way.

According to him, Magarito is also a great fighter but has not gotten to the level of Pac-man who possesses some special qualities which he (Clottey)has never come across.

Clottey hinted that he can stop Pac-man if given another opportunity because he has studied the way he fights and with the experience he gathered during their bout there is no way he will be defeated again.

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I know Pacquiao didn’t knock out Clottey, he didn’t even seem to hurt him badly but it seems like he damaged the Ghanian’s brain. Clottey basically stood in front of Pacquiao with his arms firmly placed in front of his face. He barely touched Pacquiao in the entire fight then blamed his performance on bad soup which caused diarrhea

After watching Pacquiao make a mess of Margarito’s face, Clottey suddenly had the guts to say only he can knock Pacquiao out. Dream on boy. First of all, you’ll never get another shot at Pacquiao ever. Second, because of your horrible performance against Pacquiao, promoters may not give you a shot at any of the big-named welterweights because you might choose not to give the fans their money’s worth again.

Clottey is a funny guy. He suddenly think he can beat Pacquiao because he has studied footage of his fights and because of his experience in fighting him. I seriously hope he is kidding around.

If he’s dead serious, then maybe his brain indeed suffered damage against Pacquiao.

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