Please don’t pick Mosley Uncle Bob

The fight that no one wants to see seems to have the strongest possibility of being signed. Bob Arum has announced right after the Pacquiao-Margarito fight that the strongest candidates are Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez. Freddie Roach tried to shoot down the idea by saying that nobody wants to see Mosley against Pacquiao because (1) Mosley recently lost to Floyd Mayweather and (2) Mosley’s last fight was a draw against lightly regarded Sergio Mora.

But Uncle Bob seems to be hell bent on making the fight against Mosley. To add fuel to the fire, Mosley tweeted this a few moments ago.

SugarShaneM: Alright guys I have to catch a plane tomorrow to go talk to bob arum about that fight with PAC. I know we just have to talk about money now

It makes absolutely no sense for Pacquiao to fight Mosley. If you watched the Mayweather-Mosley 24/7 series, you’d notice that Mosley’s speech is starting to slur. Taking a beating from Pacquiao similar to what Margarito endured will damage Mosley permanently. And what will Pacquiao get if he beats Mosley? Nothing. Mosley is way past his prime. The best opponent in my opinion will be the winner of the Timothy Bradley versus Devon Alexander fight because the winner of that fight could safely say that he is the best of the division. Sure, it wouldn’t make as much money but it is by far the more interesting fight.

I also think a fight against Marquez will be a better choice. Pacquiao and Marquez have a lost of history together and it isn’t hard to sell a third fight between the two because of the animosity between the two camps and the deep-rotting need of the Mexicans to get another win at the expense of Pacquiao who has beaten many of their legends.

I know Arum’s sole purpose of selecting an opponent is to make more money but I seriously hope Pacquiao vetoes this choice.

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