A fight against Sergio Martinez makes no sense for Pacquiao

First of all, let me just say that Sergio Martinez should win the Knockout of the Year award for that devastating overhand left he used to out Paul Williams to sleep. And yes, I also think he should win the Fighter of the Year award over Manny Pacquiao basically because he fought the better opposition.

Martinez scored a unanimous decision over Kelly Pavlik then knocked out Paul Williams, those two fighters are at or very near their physical primes. Pacquiao on the other hand scored two unanimous decision victories over Joshua “The Quitter” Clottey and Antonio Margarito. Margarito was big and strong but slow and over-the hill while Clottey is not that good to begin with.

Lou DiBella, the manager of Martinez, said that his ward is willing to fight at a catchweight of 155 pounds and put his middleweight title on the line. Martinez and Williams fought at a catchweight of 158 pounds but the middleweight division’s limit is at 160 pounds.

I don’t think Pacquiao should fight Martinez for a few reasons.

1. Pacquiao’s best weight is still at 140. There’s no doubt in my mind that Pacquiao could make 140 pounds if he needs to. In fact, it took great effort on his part to eat as much food as Alex Ariza required but on;y weighed in at 144.6 against Margarito.

2. Martinez is too damn big for Pacquiao. Martinez stands at 5’10” and has a reach of 78”. Margarito was 5’11” but only had a 73” reach. The main difference between Martinez and Mararito is that Martinez knows how to use his size and that he is a thinking fighter.

3. Pacquiao cannot make 155 even if he wanted to. At the rate Pacquiao trains, making 155 will mean he has to eat more food. Pacquiao loves the finer things in life but unlike most people, myself included, he does not see eating loads of food as an enjoyable experience. Pacquiao will likely be outweighed by around 8 pounds at the weigh in and more than 20 pounds at the fight itself.

4. Pacquiao paid a tremendous price in fighting Margarito. Yes, it was a wide unanimous decision victory but he has never been that hurt in a match before. It is tough for a man as small as Pacquiao to be taking punches from much bigger men.

Pacquiao should not fight Martinez but this does not mean that Pacquiao is ducking him. He’s just too big for the Filipino dynamo and the boxing world should notice that. Will Juan Manuel Lopez be accused of ducking Amir Khan? No. Should Fernando Montiel be accused of ducking Celestino Caballero? Again, no.

Pacquiao is at least two divisions lighter than Martinez and when Floyd Mayweather fought Juan Manuel MArquez, everyone was saying that it was unfair because Marquez had to go up two divisions.

Pacquiao is a tremendous fighter, he is the best of our generation. However, this does not give the boxing world a right to ask too much from him and I think fighting MArtinez is just that. Too much.

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