Francisco wins WBA interim title with a gutsy performance over Thai

It was Drian Francisco’s (20-0-1, 16 KOs) first time to fight outside the country and it was understandable why his manager, Elmer Anuran, did everything he can to ensure that his pug will be on the same playing field.

Duangpetch Kokietgym (52-2-1 ,21 KOs) is not a push-over by any means and a victory over him will earn Francisco the WBA interim super flyweight title and a shot at the WBA championship currently held by Hugo Cazares.

Francisco started slow, trying to feel out how his opponent fights. The biggest punch from his was an uppercut which was quickly was countered by the Thai with a left to the body. Round 1 was close and could be scored both ways.

Round 2 belonged to the Thai as he was more effective with his attacks. Francisco gets more aggressive and wins round 3 with effective punches. Kokietgym and Francisco split the fourth and fifth rounds but both were really close.

Kokietgym lands a vicious low blow on Francisco and get deducted by a point. Francisco was given five minutes to recover but he barely used a minute. A big body punch from Francisco sends the Thai down. Francisco tries to finish the fight but ran out of time. This should be a 10-7 round for Francisco.

Rounds 7 to 9 were also close but Francisco is connecting with the more meaningful punches. The referee warns the Thai’s corner about more low blows but didn’t give deductions.

Both fighters appeared to be gassed out by the tenth round but Francisco lands with a straight followed by an uppercut that sends the Thai down for good.

The Thai crowd was stunned but gave Francisco a smattering of applause when he was announced as the winner. This fight was reminiscent of Manny Pacquiao’s fight against Shatchai Sasakul to win the first of his eight world titles. But after a while, the audience started to worry as Kokietgym still has not gotten up.

As of the writing, the last news was that Kokietgym was rushed to the hospital. There were no immediately available reports on his condition.

This fight will be aired on SOLARtv and Solar Sports on December 6 at 1 pm.

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