Tyson and the Italian Stallion make it to the Hall of Fame

First of all, I want to congratulate all the people who will be inducted to the Boxing Hall of Fame next year.

I’m happy that Mike Tyson will be inducted. The guy had his demons but he is definitely one of the reasons why boxing is still thriving. Tyson is one of the reasons why I got hooked into boxing in the first place. I remember when I was growing up, I equated Mike Tyson to Michael Jordan. To me, the two were the best sportsmen in the world and nobody could have persuaded me from thinking otherwise. Looking back, I’m quite sad how his career turned out. He had all the tools to be one of the very best ever. He was the fastest heavyweight I have ever seen and he had power in both hands. Sadly, his drive to be the best dwindled as his career moved forward. He partied too much, hung around with the wrong people, and before he knew it, his career was over. Still, Tyson was amazing in his prime and he definitely deserves to be inducted to the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Then there’s Julio Caesar Chavez and Kostya Tyszu. I was lucky enough to catch some of El Gran Campeon’s fights even though most were when he was at the tail-end of his illustrious career. I rooted for him when he fought Oscar de la Hoya and even though he lost to the Golden Boy twice, I have no doubt on my mind that JCC would beat de la Hoya prime for prime. Tyszu was also a great. I still chuckle a bit whenever I remember one local broadcast of his fights where the announcer pronouncing his surname as tissue because he didn’t know how to say his surname properly (it’s supposed to be pronounced zoo).

Joe Cortez will also be inducted. I’m sure quite a few people will be irked with his inclusion but I think he deserves to be there. He was a very good referee. Operative word: WAS. It would be best if he retires as a referee as it is obvious that he isn’t as sharp anymore but he should not quit the business altogether. He can still do a lot for the sport.

Ignacio Beristain will also be inducted. We all know him as the trainer of Juan Manuel Marquez and the one who trained de la Hoya for his fight against Pacquiao. He is without a question one of the most learned trainers in boxing. Congratulation Senor Nacho!

And then there’s Sylvester Stallone. Some people think that he doesn’t belong in the BHOF because he never laced up a pair of gloves outside the movies and was never a promoter, a judge, a boxing scribe or a referee. But I totally disagree. Sly deserves to be inducted because he helped boxing get mainstream media attention. Most fighters looked up to older fighters when they were growing up. Some of the current generation of fighters idolized Sugar Shane Mosley, some liked Roberto Duran, some wanted to be Marvin Hagler, and still some patterned their game on Thomas Hearns’ but it is undeniable that many, check that, most of them looked to Rocky Balboa for inspiration.

Rocky Balboa is the only make-believe person who will have a deep and lasting effect on the sweet science that is boxing.
The Italian Stallion is heading to the Boxing Hall of Fame.

    • Aaron
    • December 9th, 2010

    Great article! That tissue bit is funny. And go Rocky!

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