Underdog Boxing Picks for Khan-Maidana

To recap, my picks for this week are as follows: Amir Khan KO8, Victor Ortiz UD, Abner Mares UD, and Yohhny Perez UD.

Pick I got wrong
I thought the result of the fight between Perez and Joseph Agbeko will be similar to their first fight and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Agbeko used his superior strength coupled with a good gameplan to dictate the tempo. Perez never got into any kind of rhythm because he expected Agbeko to be his usual self and throw bombs all night long. Agbeko and Perez had a tremendous sixth round where both traded heavy leather, throwing caution to the wind. They got a standing ovation after that round but Agbeko’s corner pleaded with him to go back to their effective gameplan and he did.

I never pick draws. I know draws happen in boxing but I just don’t like picking draws even for fights that I think will be super close. Anyway, I thought Ortiz did enough to win the decision over Lamont Peterson. Ortiz got Peterson in trouble early but the gallant American bounced back pretty well. Peterson landed more punches but Ortiz landed the stronger punches so I thought he should have one.

Picks I got right
Khan still has a long way to go. Freddie Roach said that he thinks he has two fighters who can beat Floyd Mayweather but I’d have to disagree with him on that point. Khan is still far from Mayweather’s level but he has the tools to be a very good fighter. He has speed and power. His biggest flaw is his ability to take a punch. He did stay upright against Marcos Maidan but he almost got knocked out. Khan was glassy-eyed and has spaghetti legs for most of the tenth round. If he wants to be considered as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, he has to work harder on his defense to protect his suspect chin.

This is by far me favorite pick of the week. Mares was the underdog against Vic Darchinyan but he proved his mettle by surviving a cut, a point deduction, and a knockdown in the early rounds of their fight to win a split decision. It was a very close fight and some people think Darchinyan should have won. I totally understand where those people are coming from but I’m really happy that the judges saw it for Mares. Now we have Mares-Agbeko to look forward to.

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