Pacquiao’s list is down to three. Sino ang pipiliin niya? Si Aida o si Lorna o si Fe?

Manny Pacquiao is in a quandary but he’s narrowed his choices to three. A lot of fighters threw in their names to be Pacquiao’s dance partner for his fight next year and they came from five different weight divisions but in the end, only three have been short-listed.

Three is a pretty familiar number. Ah yes, how can we forget the time when Marco Sison sang about the three ladies he needed to choose from? Aida, Lorna, and Fe. To help you remember, he’s how the song starts.

O pare ko, o pare ko
Ang kwento ko’y pakinggan mo
Baka sakali ako ay ‘yong matulungan sa problema ko
Sino sa tatlo ang iso-syota ko
Parang awa mo na, pare
Si Aida o si Lorna o si Fe

Yes, like the legendary Marco Sison, Pacquiao is the one who chooses which opponent he wants. Sison, in his song, did not even entertain the fact that Aida, Lorna, of Fe might say no to him. He knew full well that he can have whichever he wanted. It’s just a matter of selecting the right one. Will it be Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, or Andre Berto?

Aida? Lorna? Or Fe?

Mosley? Marquez? Or Berto?

Aida is the richest one in the group. If you go with her, you won’t have to work as hard because she’s pretty loaded. She looks okay and all but there are definitely hotter girls out there. Aida is about a 6 out of 10. She’s a bit on the old side and her looks have certainly seen better days but she’s still pretty popular. Your dad wants you to pick Aida because he knows her wealth will trickle its way down to your family, which includes him of course. She had a few road bumps in her last relationships which may be the reason why some of your friends don’t want you to end up with her.

Lorna was your first love. Things didn’t work out well between the both of you but you had a tremendous time when you were with each other. You were perfect together. Yin and yang. Fire and water. Good and evil. You’ll always debate who broke up with whom. You’re pretty sure it was her. Or check that, you weren’t sure who broke it up the first time (it might have been a mutual agreement) but you are dead sure that she broke it off the second time. She’s also high-maintenance. You’ll need to spend a lot of money to keep her happy. Your dad isn’t really in the best of terms with the parents of the girl and this may also dissuade you from getting back with her.

Fe is the youngest among the three, definitely the most pretty. She’s and 8 but can easily be a 9 when she’s wearing the right clothes. Your friends will definitely be jealous if you end up with Fe. She isn’t as popular as Aida or Lorna and much of it has to do with youth but the ones who know the real deal also know that being with Fe will be the best for your reputation because she is nothing like the girls you’ve dated before and she is much younger than you. The problem is that because of her youth, Fe is difficult to read. She maybe the best woman for you or she could turn out to be a dud.

So who will it be? Aida, Lorna, or Fe?
The old rich girl? The former love that failed? Or the exciting young woman?
Mosley? Marquez? Or Berto?

O kay gulo, o kay gulo
Naiinis na nga ako
Sa dinami-dami ba naman ng babae sa buong mundo
Bakit ba ako nababaliw sa tatlo
Sabihin mo na, pare
Si Aida o si Lorna o si Fe

If either Marco Sison or Manny Pacquiao asked for your help. Who would you choose for them?

I’ll have my answer tomorrow.

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