Presenting: Luis Valero

I know you’ve all heard of the surname Valero here at Underdog Boxing. I was a big fan of Edwin Valero, the lightweight from Venezuela who knocked out everyone he fought. Sadly, his career ended on a sour note as drug addiction led him to murder his wife. He also allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself with his clothes while in prison.

Edwin had a record of 27-0-0, with 27 KOs. He won his first 18 fights by KO all in the first round.

Now it’s his younger brother’s time to lace up gloves and fight for a living. Luis Valero is a 22 year old kid who only has three fights in his pro-boxing career but he’s already creating a buzz in the boxing world. Can you guess how those three fights ended?

Correct! All by first round knockout. Luis is still a very rough fighter. He has a lot of growing up to do if he wants to to a world-caliber fighter but he definitely is good-to-go in the power department and his raw aggression is something that is difficult to teach.

Here’s a video of his pro debut.

Luis started his career last September but he already has three fights in his record. He fought twice in a span of eight days because he barely broke a sweat in both fights. Hopefully, Luis turns out as good a boxer as his brother Edwin but let’s also wishes that’s he has learned from his brother’s mistakes.

Luis is definitely a fighter worthy to keep an eye on.

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