Berto would have been the best choice

There’s no hiding the fact that Manny Pacquiao will be fighting Shane Mosley because it is the fight that will make the most money. Come think of it, money was also a big factor why Pacquiao faced Antonio Margarito, but at least that fight came with a record-setting eighth world title in his eighth division.

Against Mosley, it will be all about the Benjamins. Top Rank boss Bob Arum has already said that the contracts have been signed and that the papers are with the fighters’ lawyers for review. Mosley is way past him prime. He is coming off a loss to Floyd Mayweather and a draw against a Class-B fighter in Sergio Mora.

Mosley has been blabbering about how he hurt Mayweather in their fight but the fact of the matter is that he only won a single round against Money. Yes, he did hurt him but that’s basically all he did in that fight. As Alex Ariza said, Mosley stopped fighting after the third round.

Against Mora, Mosley looked average, nowhere close to the version that destroyed Margarito. He had a hard time competing with Mora, a fighter who should not be even allowed to carry Mosley’s jockstrap because they are nowhere near in class.

Andre Berto was my preferred opponent for Pacquiao. But as you know, I’m absolutely nobody in the grand scheme of things so who cares who I want Pacquiao to fight next right?

Berto would have presented something that Pacquiao hasn’t faced in a while. He is an undefeated fighter who is at the peak of his physical prime. He also did not overprice himself like one Juan Manuel Marquez did, as he only asked for 3.5 million and a share of the pay-per-view buys. Mosley on the other hand will get 5 million.

But hey, Pacquiao’s doing the fighting so I guess I don’t have the right to whine about who he chooses to fight. However, as a fight fan, I know that a win over Berto will extend Pacquiao’s already legendary status in boxing. A win over Mosley won’t do the same thing for the simple fact that Mosley is already old.

Pacquiao only has a handful of fights left. Too bad he’ll be using up one against an aging Mosley.

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