Freddie Roach’s Reality Show and Berto-Marquez

Freddie Roach is getting his own reality show. Yup. The head honcho of the world-famous Wild Card Gym of Los Angeles will be receiving a five-figure paycheck for every episode and as of now there are 13 episodes planned for the first season of, hopefully, many.

It will be shot on a cinema verité or direct cinema format which means there will be little or no script or voice overs. Cameras will be following him around, shooting every aspect of his life from his family to his gym to his battle against Parkinson’s disease.

I’m very happy for Roach because he deserves all the accolades he’s been getting. He is one of the best minds/tacticians that boxing has ever seen and it would be totally awesome that we’ll get to see how a legend lives everyday. I’m specially excited about this because AMC is producing it. As you may know, they are also the people behind Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Safe to say, Roach’s bio will be in good hands.

Moving on.

Bob Arum, fresh from pissing of a bazillion people by choosing Shane Mosley to fight Manny Pacquiao, has suggested that Juan Manuel Marquez and Andre Berto fight each other and the winner will get a shot at Pacquiao next. It’s a smart idea from Arum but I don’t think Marquez should be lured into it.

In my opinion, Marquez must not fight in the welterweight division unless it’s a big money fight against Pacquiao. First and foremost, the Mexican is a lightweight which means he fights at 135 pounds. Berto on the other hand has never fought a day below the welterweight division. We all know what happened in Dinamita’s last excursion to 147. He was humiliated by Floyd Mayweather. He was too slow and too sluggish because of all the extra weight he had to put on.

Marquez-Berto could be a pay-per-view but I don’t see it getting many buys. Both fighters will be lucky to make around 2 million against each other and for Marquez, the risks far outweigh the rewards.

However, I think there is one thing that could entice both fighters into doing this. I humbly suggest that Bob Arum signs an agreement wherein the winner of the Marquez-Berto fight will indeed get Pacquiao next. Arum mentioned that the winner could face/deserves to face Pacquiao but putting in into writing and signing on the dotted line will make this irresistible for both Marquez and Berto. That’s of course unless a Pacquiao-Mayweather gets signed. To prevent complications in the negotiations, they will have a pre-approved contract which will be 500,000 higher than their earlier proposed contracts, which means Berto will be getting 4 million and Marquez will be getting 5.5 million against Pacquiao if they fight each other first.

Let’s hope Arum is willing to walk the talk. It would totally suck if Berto and Marquez fought each other then get by-passed by Arum by choosing Yuri Foreman or Miguel Cotto as Pacquiao’s next opponent after Mosley.

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