Morales-Marquez: Why isn’t everyone complaining about this one?

First of all, I don’t the choice of Bob Arum for Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent. As I’ve said in many post before this one, Andre Berto would have been the best choice. I, however, choose not to bust a nut in by complaining about the selection of Mosley.

A lot of boxing writers have said that they hate the selection of Mosley and that Pacquiao should be ashamed of it. But then these same writers were happy with the news that Juan Manuel Marquez might be taking on the legendary Erik Morales in April. I think this fight, although pretty to look at on paper, is by far a worse mismatch than Pacquiao-Mosley.

After losing three straight fights, two to Pacquiao and one to David Diaz, Morales took a hiatus from boxing but he has since returned and he vows to capture a fourth title in fourth division, a feat that no Mexican has ever done. Morales has defeated Jose Alfaro, Willie Limond, and Francisco Lorenzo; all good fighters with good records but the three are clearly not the kind of fighters Morales should be taking if he’s serious about challenging for a world title again.

Marquez on the other hand has beaten very good fighters after his defeat to Floyd Mayweather. He may be older than Morales but El Terrible definitely carries more wear and tear from his brutal style of fighting. Marquez was a careful counter-puncher for most of his career but he had to switch to a more aggressive style to sell more tickets while Morales has been fighting with his heart on his sleeve since the very start.

Marquez-Morales would have been a tremendous fight at featherweight or even at super featherweight. It’s a pity that it never happened then but I’d rather not see it at all than see it now. I have nothing but respect for Morales but he will get his ass handed to him if he fights Marquez.

    • Flash
    • January 3rd, 2011

    Morales is more warrior and better than Marquez. This will become an epic and Morales will win this. He’s more skilled, talented, intelligent than Marquez.

    • I like Morales a lot too. He could have beaten JMM in their primes but I don’t think el Terrible has a chance of beating Marquez now.

    • Levi Johansen
    • January 5th, 2011

    Morales and Marquez are both great boxers, terrific counterpunchers, this will be a boxing match. At least for 6 rounds, then it might turn into a brawl.

    I would put my money on Marquez, I believe they are evenly match as far as boxing skills ar concerned even in their primes, which for Morales ended years ago and for Marquez could end at any second.

    If Marquez starts a brawl with Morales early on, Morales will crumble after 4-6 rounds, if not, he might make it until 8-10, but Marquez will try everything to knock this man out, anything less will give him bad critic and may ruin his chances with Pacquiao.

    If the KO comes, Morales should retire, yet again if it doesn’t then he is certainly back and it’s up to him what he wants.

    Should the fight go the distance, I expect Marquez to win a 8-10 rounds to 2-4 rounds which is a ‘big and one-sided’ decision, should the fight be closer than this at any point, he will get cbad critics which agian may ruin his chances with Pacquiao.

    Seems the only one who has something to loose in this fight is Marquez….

    Now why isn’t anyone complaining?
    Because there is nothing wrong with the fight, Morales is ranked high enough to get this shot and Marquez is allways looking to beat exciting guys like Diaz and Katsidis, trying to capture fans and awards like ‘fight of the year’ which would put him closer to a fight with Pacquiao as it increases his drawing power.

    And also, this is a fight that all the mexican fans have wanted to see for a long time, so filling the stadion won’t be difficult. How can anyone complain about mexican fights as they have given the sport so much.

    I think we will see a good fight for however long it lasts, it will answer some questions about both, primarely about Morales’ contidion after so many wars and also about Marquez’ punching-power (can he KO an illusive boxer with a great chin).

    As the title sugests, everybody is complaining about Pacquiao-Mosley and not this one… I see nothing wrong with either fight. For the fights to happen they must happen now, Morales and Mosley will soon be gone form the sport and we have wanted to see these fight for years, too bad they didn’t happen two-three years ago, but let’s just be glad they’re happening now.


  1. Thanks for that comment Levi. Well put! I think we both agree that both Pacquiao-Mosley and Marquez-Morales would have been far better fights if these happened years ago. Pacquiao-Mosley should have happened after Mosley defeated Margarito while Marquez-Morales should have happened back in the featherweight of super featherweight divisions.

    Berto, I thought, was the best choice for Pacquiao. At the same time, there are other fighters who can have good fights against Marquez at 135.

    I guess I’m just frustrated that many people were barking about Pacquiao-Mosley getting made but then they treated a Marquez-Morales fight was the best fight at 135 out there. Both are okay for me.

    Morales may give Marquez a good fight but I don’t think he has a legit shot at winning. I totally agree with you, a late stoppage or a wide decision sounds about right.

    I think this is a bad move for Marquez because it will be hard to one-up Pacquiao by beating a fighter that Pacquiao has already knocked out twice.

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