Dear Floyd, Please Learn from These UFC Fighters

Floyd Mayweather has not been a happy camper as of late. The first of his troubles was brought about by an altercation with the mother of his kids.

Then he got into another fight, this time with a security guard. The guard went to Mayweather’s house to talk to him about a parking issue but when he rolled down his window, Mayweather allegedly poked the guard with his finger. Mayweather was said to have spent a night in jail for this and you can click here for the article about it.

The last was another altercation, also with a security guard, but this time it was the security guard of his own home because the guard failed to identify Mayweather as the owner of the house that he was guarding. Click here for the article. This highlights the fact that Mayweather should fight Manny Pacquiao becaues nobody knows him anymore. If he fought Pacquiao, maybe the guard would have recognized him.

What Mayweather should do is learn from UFC fighters Jon Jones an Gabriel Gonzaga.

Got that Floyd? That’s how you hit a security guard without having to pay for it! 🙂

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