My 2011 Wish List for Philippine Boxing + Funny Boxing Videos

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice vacation.

Anyway, here’s the link to the article I wrote for I wrote down 11 fights on my wish list for Filipino fighters. Enjoy.

Also, here are my favorite funny moments in boxing. I’m sure you still remember my post about Jerry Hackney a while back and though nothing will ever beat that video in terms of laughs, these three are pretty funny.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of boxing commentators saying that the boxers are fighting on instinct. Well, this guy took it to the next level. He got knocked down and he was so out of it that he continued throwing punches while he was down.

The poor guy threw 10 lefts in succession and even tried to clinch after the referee called a halt to the bout.

the next features Tyson Fury. You really can’t go wrong with a fighter named Tyson Fury. His first name is the surname of the baddest boxer that ever walked the planet and his surname is a noun that means unrestrained or violent anger. You can’t go wrong with that right?


Tyson Fury had too much Tyson and too much fury in him that he punched himself in the face with his own uppercut.

Fury has a pretty good record of 13 wins in 13 fights with 9 of those by KO.

The last one is my favorite in the group and it was made extra special by a funny take from Cedric the Entertainer. Here is Zab Judah with his infamous chicken dance.

Remember, kids! Don’t ever play with matches.

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