I’ll miss HBO 24/7 and Michael Buffer

As most of you know, Pacquiao-Mosley in heading to Showtime. Bob Arum had a falling out with HBO because he felt he was disrespected when HBO chose to give a certain date to Sergio Martinez over Miguel Cotto.

I’m a big fan on HBO 24/7 docu series. I love how they sell the fight by making the fans feel connected to the two fighters. With the move to Showtime, it seems that Pacquiao-Margarito will be the last 24/7 for the Pacman.

Since their pioneer documentary series to promote the fight between Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr., HBO improved 24/7. They have made it an essential for big fights. It creates buzz and excitement. It riles you up for four weeks and it culminates on the day before the fight itself.

Even though Pacquiao has been on four 24/7’s (de la Hoya, Hatton, Cotto, and Margarito), I still feel that HBO can still make interesting documentaries about him.

Another sad part is that we will no longer hear Michael Buffer’s “Let’s get ready to rumble” line in Pacquiao’s fight. Buffer is connected to HBO and Showtime has its own ring announcer in Jimmy Lennon Jr. I have nothing against Lennon but a big fights just doesn’t feel like a big fight when it’s not Buffer on the mic.

I still don’t know what to expect from CBS and Showtime but I hope Arum made the right decision for Pacquiao. I wish that he didn’t do this for his personal gain alone.

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