Underdog Boxing Picks: No surprise, Bradley defeats Alexander

I picked Timothy Bradley to win because he was the more aggressive fighters. I did not anticipate that he’d he THAT aggressive. Bradley was recklessly attacking Devon Alexander, which would have been perfectly fine if not for the fact that Vradley was often leading with his head.

Add to that the fact that headbutts are really a norm for fights between southpaw and orthodox and you’ll have a recipe for boxing disaster. A cut opened up on Axexander’s head in the first part of the fight and another headbutt ended the fight prematurely in the tenth round.

There was no doubt that Bradley was the winner. He landed more shots and he landed the better shots. However, I wish a fight between two undefeated champions will look better than that. The fight itself wasn’t bad but it could have been much much better, in my opinion.

Alexander did not have the correct mindset. He was trying to be all zen on Bradley by fighting on his backfoot all night long. He didn’t realize that the best way to fight Bradley is to meet him head on, pardon the pun.

In my article for gmanews.tv, I wrote that the winner of this fight should get a shot at Pacquiao somewhere down the line. Bradley will looks towards a unification fight with Amir Khan while Bradley may choose to fight Marcos Maidana next. If Bradley wins over Khan, then I’ll see no reason why he shouldn’t be mentioned as a possible opponent for Pacquiao.

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