Boycott doesn’t work: Pacquiao-Mosley sells 16,000 tickets in 3 hours

There were a few quarters that were adamant about boycotting the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley because they felt it was a sham. One of the most vocal detractors of the fight was Yahoo! Sport’s Kevin Iole. (Check out this piece from Dennis Guillermo about the whole thing). Iole wrote that Bob Arum basically called Mosley as a shot fighter after his loss to Floyd Mayweather and his draw against Sergio Mora.

But now that Arum can make money off Mosley, he changed his mind about the American being a shot fighter. Iole called on boxing fans to boycott the fight but Pacquiao didn’t take it sitting down as he quickly threw a counter.

It appears that the boycott didn’t work. 16,000 tickets for Pacquiao-Mosley have been sold in the first three hours.
“Incredible. Simply incredible,” said Bob Arum when he heard the news today. “I have never promoted a fight that has sold so many tickets so quickly. Manny Pacquiao never ceases to amaze the world with his achievements. The excitement he generated today with the initial ticket sales makes it feel like fight week already!”

Add that to the fact that Showtime and CBS will be promoting the living shit out of this fight and we have a potential gold mine coming up. If Pacquiao-Mosley surpasses the 1.4 million views that Mayweather-Mosley had, Pacquiao will officially dislodge Mayweather as boxing’s cash cow.

I hope he does. And I hope Mayweather get so pissed about it that he’d want to face Pacquiao.

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