Personalized Nike Shoes for Underdog Boxing

I’m a big fan of Nike Shoes. I’m don’t have a collection or anything like that but I can appreciate a good pair of Nike shoes. I thought it would be fun to design my own personalized Nike shoes and I wanted these to have a Filipino colorway. I just felt it would be cool to have shoes for Underdog Boxing to celebrate its one year of existence.

Here are the prototypes. I’m still going back and forth which one I should order.

Here are the pictures of Kobe’s Venomenon Filipinized. I’ve long wanted Venomenon shoes so it was the first thing I tried out.

Notice the “Underdog Boxing” label

I also made Filipinized Kevin Durant Flywire shoes. These are more affordable compared to the Kobe Venomenons.

Here are Hyperdunks, just in case it’s is still physically possible for me to play basketball again.

Last but not the least, here are Nike Trainers. Not a big fan of trainers but these are the only designs that allows me add Underdog Boxing outside the shoes.

If you’re wondering why I’m obsessing about the Philippine flag, it’s because I’ve always wanted to buy these Air Force 1’s

but I never got the chance to cop them so I’m trying to design my own. Too bad NikeID does not have Air Force 1’s in their list.

This blog is primarily for Philippine boxing so it’s also fitting to design shoes that have a Filipino theme.

Anyway, you guys can help me out. Leave a comment on what you think is best!

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