On Meeting Freddie Roach

Saying that I have always wanted to be in the same building as Manny Pacquiao is quite an understatement, so when I received the news that I was going to see him train in Baguio, I went bananas, yet another understatement.

However, there was another reason why I was amped to be in Pacquiao’s training camp. It was because I’ll be able to meet the great Freddie Roach. Being in the same room with someone who holds so much knowledge in the one thing I want to learn most was something I looked forward to.

I reached the Shape-Up Boxing Gym located at the Cooyeesan Hotel Plaza a little early. I walked towards the gym where someone told me that the champ will start training at 1 pm (I was there at 11) so I decided to eat lunch at one of the stores downstairs. While I was at the middle of my meal, Freddie Roach walked in. I ditched my half-eaten rice and abodo and ran out of the store to chase Freddie.

Click on http://solarsports.ph/freddieroach to read my piece on Freddie Roach. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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