Fight Camp 360 Episode 1

One of my worries about the switch from HBO to Showtime was that the latter was not capable of creating drama through their weekly documentaries about the fight. I wrote about it on an article a few weeks ago.

The first episode came out this week and I have to say that there were no surprises. HBO 24/7 is indeed much better. Heck, even Manny Pacquiao himself did not know what the name of the program was. Anyway, for those who have not seen it yet, here is episode 1.

After I watched the first episodes HBO 24/7, I could not wait to see the fight. HBO 24/7 gave out a palpable sense of excitement. Maybe it was because of the poetic lines or the good narration or even the shots they chose. There was something there that got me excited for the fight.

This episode of Fight Camp 360 had none of that. The only good thing about it is that I saw my ugly mug at 7:23 of the second part :).

Kidding aside, I hope the next ones will be better than this. The fans deserve better.

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