Erik Morales turns back the clock

Erik Morales did not do the impossible. He did not beat Marcos Maidana. He didn’t win the WBA interim light welterweight title.

What he did was what he always does. He climbed the ring and stole the show.

I honestly feared for the health of Erik Morales. There was a possibility that he will be seriously hurt. He was going up against a very strong puncher in Maidana and he was nowhere near his physical prime.

I was trying to convince myself that Maidana has too many flaws to hurt Morales but then I also feared that Morales was too old to keep this young bull-strong fighter away from him.

The first round was a horrible one for Morales. Maidana landed a wicked uppercut that caused Morales’ eye to swell. El Terrible lost the first four rounds and by the start of the fifth round, I was starting to wonder how long Morales would last.

In my last post about this fight, I featured a clip of Barrera-Morales 1, round 5. It was only fitting that Morales fought back from that point on. He even staggered Maidana which made the Argentinean clinch as if his life depended on it. Morales took some blows and gave some back. For a moment, I forgot what year it was. I forgot that Morales was supposed to lose and that he didn’t deserve a shot at the interim title.

Maidana won by majority decision. Morales won the respect of the millions who watched it.

It was like watching Rocky Balboa all over again. The result really didn’t matter. We all saw what we needed to.

Erik Morales is a legend.

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