Kimbo Slice: From street fighting to MMA to boxing

Kimbo Slice is an enigma. We all want to see him but we’re never completely sure what to make of him. His fame was brought about by a series of backyard brawls where he oftentimes leaves his opponents bleeding and hurting badly.

Slice, or Kevin Ferguson in real life, was an internet sensation. He was the equivalent of the Numa Numa Guy, Tron Man, and . However, unlike all the aforementioned, Slice was able to crossover to the main stream. He was given the chance to compete in MMA fights under the now defunct Elite XC banner. He had a string of okay wins against Bo Cantrell, Tank Abbott, and Jason Thompson, but his MMA ability was nowhere near his street fighting skill.

Disaster struck when he faced Seth Petruzelli, a late substitute as Ken Shamrock, the original opponent, suffered a cut while warming up in the dressing room.He was knocked out by the pink haired fighter and along with it came the crash of EliteXC.

He then joined the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter reality series where he received the best training he’s ever had. He did not win the competition but his name was big enough so he was given a contract. He won his first UFC fight against Houston Alexander but lost in his next one against former football player Matt Mitione. He was released from his contract after that.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Slice decided to parlay his internet and now mainstream fame into boxing. If you ask me, he should have done this before he went into MMA. It was clear that his only real skill was punching people’s faces in so boxing should have been his first choice.

Slice won his first professional boxing fight with a dominant 10-second one-punch knockout over James Wade.It was a single right uppercut that made Wade go to sleep in one of the best knockouts in boxing this year.

Is Slice the next big thing in heavyweight boxing? Definitely not.

Is it fun and exciting to have someone like him in the boxing ring? Hell yeah.

The only thing we need to do now is to not burden Slice with the insane hype that EliteXC gave him. That promotion basically placed the survival of their company on Slice’s shoulders and the dude clearly was not ready for it. Boxing fans should just wait for Slice knock out a couple of bums and watch him develop.

He is not a young guy by any means so this professional boxing career will not last long. But as how internet fame goes, we should all just sit back and ride it till it’s gone. Slice won’t be getting a shot at the Klitschko brothers anytime soon, or ever for that matter, but it does not mean he’s a failure.

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