The Juan Manuel Marquez Experience

“Carlo, I need you to be the point person of the entourage of Juan Manuel Marquez.”

I received this message while inside our office elevators. At first I didn’t know what to think. I was excited to be up close and personal with the champ. I was eager to ask a billion questions. I was a bit afraid that the communication gap may be too great to overcome.

My duties started on August 31 at about 3 am. Marquez arrived in the Philippines through a PAL flight and they disembarked through NAIA Terminal 2. That day started a whirlwind press tour that I have not completely recovered from yet. We went to the Manila City Hall (where I acted as an all important taga-hawi), then to Mexican embassy, bought four pairs of shoes from Greenbelt, shopped at SM Mall of Asia, heard mass at the Manila Cathedral, then partied at Palladium.

Meeting Marquez was pretty fun.

Meeting Nacho Beristain was equally amazing. Señor Nacho does not speak English very well so I had to rely on context clues to decipher much of what he said but I was also able to ask the other members of the entourage to translate for me in some occasions.

I was lucky enough to get stuff signed by Marquez including a couple of gloves already signed by Manny Pacquiao. I was even able have him sign my credentials for the World Press Tour.

As I’ve said, I still can’t fully comprehend everything that happened on those five days but you can visit for my attempt to put everything together. Click on for the article.

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