Why boxing?

As with many things in life, my father was the one who introduced me to boxing. I remember staying up late to watch Luisito Espinosa and Gerry Penalosa. They were the two fighters I first followed.

Then there was Manny Pacquiao. I remember watching this extremely thin fighter who had a crew cut but with long bangs. I don’t know what it was that I saw but I knew that dude would turn out be be something special. I thought if he had a career similar to Espinosa’s then he could call it a success. I never would have guessed he’ll be the greatest fighter of our time.

I fell in love with the sweet science shortly after being introduced to it. I remember not wanting to leave the house on Sundays because I might miss a big fight on TV. I guess what sucked me in is the beauty of the sport even though it could be brutal most of the times. I honestly think it is the best sport in the world.

I also was a fan of Mike Tsyon (who wasn’t) and Roy Jones, Jr. and to a certain extent, Tito Trinidad. I think I have a bias for big punchers but as time went on, I also learned to appreciate the crafty ones such as Floyd Mayweather.

Right now my favorite non-Filipino fighters are Yuriorkis Gamboa, Marcos Maidana, David Haye, Andre Ward, and the Klitschko bothers.

I have contributed articles to philboxing.com, eastsideboxing.com, and fhm.com.ph. I was also the Philippine Correspondent for the now-defunct asianboxingnews.com.

Why Underdog Boxing?

Because Filipinos love to root for the underdog, specially in boxing. If there is match between two fighters who aren’t that familiar to the viewer, Pinoys would most likely root for the one who the commentators say has no shot at winning.

We just love it when underdogs end up upsetting the odds-on favorites. Loved it when Rahman knocked out Lewis, when Corales knocked out Castillo after being knocked down twice in the same round, and of course when Pacquiao defeated Sasakul, Barrera, and de la Hoya.

This blog is for underdogs, boxing and beyond, who work everyday to win even if the world tells you that you can’t.

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