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Excuse of the year: David Haye’s broken toe

In boxing, there are fighters will humbly accept defeat. “He was just the better man today, I fought my best but it wasn’t enough,” most would say, and they’ll climb out of the ring to modest cheers from the crowd for being brave enough to fight, but more so because they were brave enough to accept defeat.

Then there are those fighters who bury themselves in deeper shit by making all sorts of excuses for losing.
David Haye has no excuse for losing. Truth be told, he duped us all by making us believe he was a legitimate threat to Wladimir Klitschko’s title reign. He talked endlessly about viciously knocking out the unified champion then going on to fight his brother Vitali next.

He talked so well that he was able to land a 50-50 split with Klitschko even though Haye only had four fights in the heavyweight division. He was cocky enough to wear a shirt where a caricature of him holding the decapitated heads of the Klitschko brothers.

He pulled off a horrible performance in the fight but it was his post-fight excuse of having a broken toe that knocked the ball out of the park for Haye. He said that the toe broke three weeks ago. He failed to tell anyone about it, failed to pull out of the fight, and failed to give all boxing fans the fight that they deserved to see.

With that horrible excuse, Haye joins the list of the lamest excuses the boxing world has even witnessed which includes Joshua Clottey’s “I ate bad soup and had diarrhea” excuse, Wladmir Klitschko’s “I was drugged/They put too much Vaseline” excuse, Sakio Bika’s “I was very sick and almost drowned in the hotel pool the day before my fight. I never learnt how swim and decided to cool down after training. I didn’t realize there was a deep end of the pool and jumped straight in; I know I can beat Bute and would not go near any swimming pools before the fight” excuse, and Julio Cesar Chavez’ “My son opened up an old cut before the fight against de la Hoya” excuse.

It’s okay to lose a fight. But to be in the ring and not even try to win is robbery because you don’t give the fans the entertainment they deserve. Coming up with an excuse just takes this whole deal into another level. Once you get into the ring, all injuries, discomforts, pains, and whatnot should be left in the locker room. When you go into the ring, you must fight your heart out. Haye could have simply asked for the fight to be postponed if he needed for time to heal. But the fact that he went on to the ring knowing fully well that the injury could affect his performance just lends more evidence to the claim that Haye did not go in there to win.

From now on, I shall refer to the former WBA champion as David “Craven” Haye.


David Haye should fight Klitschko

Which Klitschko? Whichever.

Frankly, it doesn’t even matter if it’s Wladimir or Vitali. As long as he fights a Klitschko, the boxing gods will be pleased.

The heavyweight division lost a lot of steam upon the retirement of Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. It was the most exciting division in boxing a few years back but it has long lost its glory.

A fight between Haye and a Klitschko can change that. This fight will easily be the biggest heavyweight fight since Lewis-Tyson.

Haye is a former cruiserweight champion who has dynamite in both hands. He plays the role of a gallant young warrior who wants to end the reign of the Klitschko brothers. He has only fought thrice in the heavyweight division but he ha already proven himself to be the best heavyweight not named Klitschko.

Wladimir and Vitali have been unstoppable. They have defeated everyone put in front of them. Wladimir had a few speed bumps along the way, losing to Ross Purrity, Corrie Sanders, and Lamon Brewster, and his brother Vitali was defeated by Lewis but they have been on a tear since then.

Haye was scheduled to fight Wladimir but he had to pull out because of an injury. He was also in negotiations to fight Vitali but the talks died down before an agreement could be reached.

There are only three fights that could be branded as super fights in the heavyweight division. One won’t happen because momma Klitscko would not be happy if the brothers fought against each other.

Wladimir, a normally quiet fighter, was extremely pissed when Haye wore a shirt portraying him holding the decapitated heads of the brothers. So Wladimir laid down the gauntlet. It’s now put up or shut up time for Haye. The defending WBO and IBF champion got permission to bypass his mandatory defense against Alexander Povetkin to give way to a match with Haye.

The ball is clearly on Haye’s court. Does he have the guts to face the best fighter in the division or is he contented on beating up second rate and faded fighters?

Hopefully we get an answer soon.