Pacquiao-Mosley Episode 5!

I was underwhelmed by the four episodes of Showtime’s Fight Camp 360. I thought they would bring something new to the table but they ended up using many of the things that HBO did with 24/7 and they did it with much less drama.

However, I have to give it to Showtime. Making one more episode AFTER the fight is an insanely good idea.

Watch it before it gets taken down!


This comedian has more balls than Shane Mosley

Yeah, I’m still quite bitter with how Shane Mosley fought. He got paid 5 million dollars to run around the ring against Manny Pacquiao.

I honestly feel that Mosley ruined his reputation in the fight against Pacquiao. If he went down swinging, people would have said it was a gallant stand from an old fighter. Some might even opine that Mosley would have defeated Pacquiao if theis match happened a few years earlier. But because he ran away, we’ll all remember him as a wuss. Who cares about his big win against Antonio Margarito, and Oscar de la Hoya, and Fernando Vargas! Mosley was paid to fight and he ran away.

This skinny-ass comedian has more balls than Shane Mosley.

“See Mayweather, that’s how a man behaves!”


Underdog Boxing elsewhere

Hey everyone.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been quite absent from this blog for a while. It’s because I’m writing stuff for a other websites and I often don’t have unique things to write anymore on this blog. I’ll start collating the weekly posts I have from everywhere else so you will have a list of all the things I have come up every week.

Here’s the rundown for this week.

GMA News Online:

Drian Francisco loses title via UD to Thai foe

Underdog Boxing: What Drian should learn from his 1st loss

Manny Pacquiao: Yellow gloves a symbol of fight against poverty

FHM Philippines:

Pacquiao versus Mosley: Breaking it Down

Solar Sports:

Marvin Somodio: Freddie’s Chosen One

Drian Francisco makes weight, ready for his title defense

Francisco fights heart out but loses title against Thai

Manny Pacquiao: One More

GMA News TV:

The last but definitely not the least is my TV debut. This was big for me as it’s my first time to be interviewed live on TV. Check it out here.

Heading on to Thailand

It was February of last year when I started to blog about boxing. What pushed me to blog? It was mostly because I was bored. I wanted to have creative output. I wanted to write for fun again. At that time, two of my friends decided to start their own basketball blog. It was the final push that made me try it out myself.

I love boxing. Lucky for me, there was a market for a boxing blog.

If you told me back then that I’d be able to watch countless fights live, cover Manny Pacquiao’s training, and spend hours talking to Freddie Roach, I would not have believed you.

If you told me that I’d fly out to Thailand to watch a boxing match, I would have said you’re crazy.

Actually, crazy is the perfect word to desrcibe everything that’s happening lately. On Friday, I’ll be flying out to Thailand to cover Drian Francisco’s defense of his interim WBA super flyweight title against Tepparith Singwangcha.

I have always been intrigued about boxing in Thailand. There’s just something about see boxers fight outdoors under the heat of the sun with rabid fans surrounding the ring. My favorite fight in Thailand is of course this

I’m extremely excited to go there and hopefully, I’ll be able to write and post good stuff for all of you!

Fight Camp 360: Episode 2 is up!

Watch them now before they get taken down!

You want to watch the Pacquiao-Mosley fight live on your TV? Visit

At you will meet Fabo, the country’s biggest and perhaps only Shane Mosley fan.

All you have to do is debunk Fabo’s “Mosley facts.” Just record a video of how you think Pacquiao can beat Mosley even if he has suer speed, high ring IQ, etc., then post the video on YouTube and post the link to the site.

Five winners with the most creative videos will win free airings of the Pacquiao-Mosley fight on May 8.

Erik Morales turns back the clock

Erik Morales did not do the impossible. He did not beat Marcos Maidana. He didn’t win the WBA interim light welterweight title.

What he did was what he always does. He climbed the ring and stole the show.

I honestly feared for the health of Erik Morales. There was a possibility that he will be seriously hurt. He was going up against a very strong puncher in Maidana and he was nowhere near his physical prime.

I was trying to convince myself that Maidana has too many flaws to hurt Morales but then I also feared that Morales was too old to keep this young bull-strong fighter away from him.

The first round was a horrible one for Morales. Maidana landed a wicked uppercut that caused Morales’ eye to swell. El Terrible lost the first four rounds and by the start of the fifth round, I was starting to wonder how long Morales would last.

In my last post about this fight, I featured a clip of Barrera-Morales 1, round 5. It was only fitting that Morales fought back from that point on. He even staggered Maidana which made the Argentinean clinch as if his life depended on it. Morales took some blows and gave some back. For a moment, I forgot what year it was. I forgot that Morales was supposed to lose and that he didn’t deserve a shot at the interim title.

Maidana won by majority decision. Morales won the respect of the millions who watched it.

It was like watching Rocky Balboa all over again. The result really didn’t matter. We all saw what we needed to.

Erik Morales is a legend.